Makeup remover wipes COTONIC®

The first and only, hypoallergenic, cleanser for makeup remover 2in1, which activates with water...
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But the product should be not only qualitative, but also convenient, universal and innovative!

Wipes COTONIC® were developed as a unique product!

COTONIC® - the first dry make-up removal wipes in pure cotton with a heart of cleanser that simply activates with water. Ideal for makeup remover, cleaning and wetting skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Has been patented in worldwide

Varieties wipes COTONIC®

With extracts aloe, carrot + Vitamin E

Extract ALOE VERA nourishes and moisturize the skin, extract CARROT protects and tones, VITAMIN E stimulates skin regeneration and remarkable for the antioxidant properties.
Сomposition product

Caprylyl/caprylic glucoside, glycerine, cocamidopropyl betaine, sunflower oil, extract aloe Vera, extract carrot root, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), citronellol, coumarin, geraniol, linalool, perfume (odor). May contain C.I. 19140 (yellow 5), C.I. 42090 (blue 1).
With argan oil + Vitamin E

ARGAN OIL nourishes and moisturize the skin, VITAMIN E stimulates skin regeneration and remarkable for the antioxidant properties.

Сomposition product

Caprylyl/caprylic glucoside, glycerine, cocamidopropyl betaine, argan oil, ocopherol acetate (vitamin E), perfume (odor). May contain C.I. 19140 (yellow 5), C.I. 42090 (blue 1).


Totally natural and hypoallergenic product
Without alcohol, preservatives and parabens
Clinically tested of the permissible level of nickel
Product 2in1, simply use water
Lungs and compact, comfy for traveling with hand baggage
100% made in Italy
What is the COTONIC 2in1?
It’s a patented in the world NOVELTY for makeup remover, moistening and moisturize the skin! It is a dry wipe, square or rectangular shaped, made with 100% cotton and enriched cosmetic facilities. Besides the cleansing actions, it has many beneficial effects for your skin thanks to the active ingredients of natural origins! You don’t need anything else to remove your make-up, just a little bit of water!
Why should I use the dry wipes COTONIC®?
Because this convenient and light, literally alternative to other products, including wet wipes for makeup remover(doesn’t dry after opening), containing natural ingredients to take care of your skin. Without preservatives! Furthermore:
  • Very practical and convenient!
  • Is easy to use in order to remove and fix makeup smudges without spoiling the rest of the make-up.
  • COTONIC® wipes are also used to refresh your face after a long day, even if you do not use makeup.
  • Doesn’t dry after opening.
  • Activate simply adding a little bit of water.
  • You’ll avoid to use any other products (micellar water, milk etc.) makeup remover (usually added to the classic cotton pads).
  • Doesn’t require rinsing or washing skin after use.
  • COTONIC® take care of your skin. This will became rapidly your truly beauty treatment!!
  • Contains active ingredients with emollients, soothing properties and hydrate!
  • Clinically, ophthalmologic and nickel tested. Hypoallergenic.
  • DOESN’T contain alcohol, parabens and or preservatives.
  • Suitable for all types of skin.
  • You can also take it with you at the office, the gym, during your trips or wherever you want!
How I’ll remove the make-up with the COTONIC® dry wipes?
To remove make-up, use one or more COTONIC® wipes. Drop a little bit of water on the colored side without squeeze it. Now pass the wipe on your face, leave it for few seconds and gently scrub with light circular movements. The wipe should be wet, but not sopping. So be careful: don’t squeeze it when wet!
How do I understand how much water should I add?
It is simple! Wipe should be wet, not dripping! Add few drops of water either directly on the wipes or have in your hands and gently tampon the colored side… it can’t get wrong! Be careful: don’t squeeze the dry wipes when water is added as the cleanser contained in the pads would decrease the effectiveness!
I’m used to use the classic cotton pads with cleanser or the tonic to remove the make-up. Why should I change to COTONIC® wipes?
The cleanser or the tonic are great solutions for the makeup removals, but you need several products to get the result: the cotton pad, the cleanser or the tonic, and finally a moisturizer cream. COTONIC® wipes 2in1 is a one stop shop! In addition, COTONIC® doesn’t burn your eyes, irritate the skin, no rinsing required and after usage your skin will be soft and moisturized. You’ll no long feel the need to use any other products.
I’m used to use the make-up removal wet wipes. Why should I change to COTONIC® wipes?
The wet wipes up till sometimes ago were the most convenient solution! You can always carry with you on the road, on the job, etc. Although there are different types of wet wipes in the market, many of those are very aggressive to the skin as often contains alcohol, parabens, preservatives, silicones, paraffin... In addition to this, when you open the pack, you must use it in a short period of time or you may have to throw it away as they dry. With COTONIC® choose a natural product, formulated to take care of your skin while respecting nature. It doesn’t burn eyes and leaves a delicate feeling of freshness after usage. And once the package is opened, the COTONIC® wipes keep all their features untouched until you decide to activate them with water!
I’m used to use water and soap to remove make-up. Whether taste COTONIC® wipes?
Usually those who choose water and soap are unhappy with the products on the market. You probably have a delicate skin that easily irritates and the cleansing products and wet wipes are too aggressive? Or maybe you don’t use a lot of make up as you don’t think it is worth to spend money for cleanser or tonic? You must to know that a normal soap dries your skin a lot… In fact often the feeling after usage is having the skin “pulled”. The COTONIC® wipes are delicate and natural, doesn’t burn any types of skin and doesn’t give you itchiness. You could use for daily facial cleansing or just to remove smog and impurities that have deposited on your skin during the day. Try them!
After use COTONIC®, I have to rinse my face like a normal cleanser?
No you don’t need to rinse after the makeup remove! The COTONIC® leave your skin fresh and clean with a delicate fragrance.
I removed the make-up with the COTONIC® and now I want to use my favorite cleanser or tonic. Could I use other products?
Sure! We have studied a completely natural wipes, made with 100% cotton enriched with natural ingredients which has no reactions even in combination with other products. However, you don’t need to do so, as the cleanser contained in the COTONIC® wipes is already enriched with active ingredients with different properties for the well-being of your skin.
Can I use the COTONIC® with the waterproof make-up?
Certainly! However, some waterproof products contains particularly aggressive ingredients to ensure that the makeup is kept in the same conditions at any given point. As the COTONIC® is completely natural and doesn’t contain aggressive skin detergent, we recommend you to proceed with a double passage of the wipe. If isn’t enough, we recommend to choose a make-up that respects the health of your skin.
COTONIC® removes the tan?
Absolutely not! Actually the COTONIC® wipes with Aloe, has the cleanser enriched with different kinds of active ingredients including Carrots, highly recommended for tanned skins.
How I have to store the products?
COTONIC® wipes there aren’t any special precautions, just keep the bag in a cool and dry place. Be careful: The color intensity of the wipes may decrease over a period of time, especially if the package it’s exposed to direct sunlight. This happens because wipes contains colors which are not treated with UV protectors. However the effectiveness of the wipes remains the same!
The COTONIC® wipes has lost bit of color. The properties has been damaged?
No, the effectiveness of the product remains the same. In order to maintain the naturalness of the product, we have chosen to use only colors that are not treated with UV protectors. For this reason, the color intensity of the wipes can’t remain unchanged over time, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
Can I bring the COTONIC® with me on the flight on the Carry-on Luggage?
Of course yes! Being dry, those wipes you could take it with you while traveling, even by plane in the hand luggage! If you want to save space, just bring some wipes and not the whole pack.
COTONIC® wipes contains preservatives?
Absolutely not. The preservatives are added to all cosmetic products containing water (eg. many wet wipes) to inhibit the development of microorganisms. Despite the continuous study of molecules that are less and less harmful to the environment and human being, preservatives remain molecules that can interact with humans by inducing and stimulating the immune system to an allergic reaction in predetermined subjects. The study on the COTONIC® wipes was focused on the security of your skin. Thanks to our innovative technology, for which we have obtained the patent for the industrial invention, water is no longer contained in the product, limiting the bacterial contamination and avoid the usage of preservatives.
COTONIC® wipes contains nickel?
Nickel is an element wide present in nature, which is usually contained in a varieties of food, in the water and in most of the metals we have contact with. An high exposure to this element may cause in some subjects an allergic reactions. The COTONIC® wipes are certified “Nickel tested”, having passed the most stringent analysis.
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